Editor in chief: Prof. Dr. Bashar Hamid PhD (Iraq)

Vice editor in chief: Prof. Dr. Akram F. Hussain Ph.D (Iraq)

International Members

International Members

Prof. Dr. Mike Milward MFGDP, MFDS RCPS, FHEA, Ph.D (UK)

Prof. Dr. Goldberg M. Ph.D (France)

Prof. Dr. Roulet J.F.  Ph.D (USA)

Prof. Dr.Salvatore S. Ph.D (Spain)

Prof. Latifa R. Bairam M.Sc. (USA)


National Members

Prof. Dr. Hussain F. Al-Huwaizi  PhD. (Iraq)

Prof. Dr. Jamal Noori Ahmed  PhD. (UK)

Prof.  Nidhal Hussain  M.Sc (Iraq)

Prof.  Adel Farhan  M.Sc (Iraq)

Prof.  Dhiaa Jaafar  M.Sc (Iraq)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Raghad Al-Hashimi  PhD. (UK)

Assist. Prof  Dr. Raghdaa K Jasim  PhD. (Iraq)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Nada Jaafar Al-Shekh radhi  PhD. (Iraq)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Sami  PhD. (Iraq)

Assist. Prof.  Sahar Hamdan  M.Sc (Iraq)

Assist. Prof. Saif Sehaam  M.Sc (Iraq)


Board of editorial consultants:

Prof. Dr. Rajaa Kamona M.Sc (Iraq)

Prof. Dr. Hayder Fadhil Saloom PhD. (UK)

Prof. Dr. Wasan Hamdi PhD. (Iraq)

Prof. Dr. Taghreed Fadhil  PhD. (Iraq)

Prof. Dr. Seta Arshak PhD. (Iraq)

Prof. Dr. Intisar Jameel PhD. (Iraq)

Prof. Dr. Ghasan Abdul-Ameer PhD (Iraq)

Prof. Dr. Abbas Sabri  PhD (Iraq)

Prof. Dr. Batool Hassan  Ph.D (Iraq)

Prof.  Zainab Al-Dahan M.Sc (Iraq)

Prof. Lamia hamid M.Sc (Iraq)

Prof. Maha Abdul-Aziz M.Sc (Iraq)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ghazi PhD (UK)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Dhea Hussain PhD. (UK)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdalbasit A. Fatihallah  PhD. (China)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Thair Abdulateef F.I.B.M.S (Iraq)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Salwan Yussif  F.I.B.M.S (Iraq)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Thekra I. Hamad  PhD (Iraq)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Hikmat Jameel  PhD. (Iraq)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ban Sahib  PhD. (Iraq)

Assist. Prof. Dr.Abdullah Mohammed  PhD (Iraq)

Assist. Prof. Dr.Manhal Abdulrahman  PhD (Iraq)

Assist. Prof. Dr.Lehadh Mohammed PhD. (Iraq)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ban Fadhil PhD. (Iraq)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Maha Adel Ph.D  (Iraq)

Assist. Prof.  Jamal Abid M.Sc (Iraq)

Assist. Prof.  Mohammed moudhaffar M.Sc (Iraq)

Assist. Prof. Aseel Hayder  M.Sc (Iraq)

Assist. Prof. Linz Ali M.Sc (Iraq)

Assist. Prof.  Mustafa Monem M.Sc (Iraq)

Assist. Prof. Mohammed Nahidh M.Sc (Iraq)

Lecturer Dr. Auday Mahmood F.I.B.M.S (Iraq)

Lecturer Dr. Hassanein Ahmad F.I.B.M.S (Iraq)

Lecturer Dr. Ali Abbas PhD. (UK)

Lecturer Dr. Hayder raad Abdulbaqi PhD. (Malaysia)


Linguistic editor:

Lecturer. Dr. Ali A. Abdulkareem PhD (UK)

Statistics editor:

Lecturer Dr. Hayder raad Abdulbaqi PhD. (Malaysia)


Secretarial committee and Computer executives:

Lecturer Dr. Omer Shibli M.Sc. (Iraq)

Assist. Lecturer Dr. Ahmed Fadhil M.Sc. (Iraq)

Assist. Lecturer Dr. Ghasak Husham M.Sc. (Iraq)

Dr. Aza Walaa B.D.S. (Iraq)